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Tribute to Milla and her legacy to Physics

Padova, Italy
20th November, 2012



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Professoressa Milla Baldo Ceolin

On the first anniversary of the departure of Prof. Milla Baldo Ceolin, the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University and the Padova Division of INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Science), where she spent all her scientific life and played an important role in their growth and development, wish to commemorate her with a symposium in her honor.
We remember her as one of the most eminent, enthusiastic and active colleagues, a unique personality in the world of science and culture.
During her long scientific career Milla performed very important experiments in particle physics. She was following with great interest the new theoretical ideas and wanted to devise experiments to test them. In particular, she investigated symmetry properties of the interactions, selection rules and violation of conservations laws.
The effects she was looking for were very small, and their search required very sophisticated and novel techniques.
Among her main contributions we recall the discovery of the first antihyperon (the antilambda) and her investigations on the properties of K-mesons.
Camera bolle After the discovery of the weak neutral current, an important ingredient of the Standard Model of fundamental interactions, her main field of interest moved to neutrino physics; she obtained important results in neutral-current reactions and in neutrino oscillations. Her curiosity for quantum mixing induced her to search for neutron-antineutron oscillation, a prediction of theories of Grand Unification.
Finally we recall the world-renowned series of the Workshops on Neutrino Telescopes, which she organized in Venice, and which gathered hundreds of scientists working on neutrino properties, astrophysics and cosmology.
The topics of the four talks of the symposium dedicated to Milla are related to her main contributions; starting from Milla's investigations they will give un updated discussion of the subjects.