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Tribute to Milla and her legacy to Physics

Padova, Italy
20th November, 2012

"A. Rostagni" room
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "G. Galilei"



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Tributes from the world to Milla

  • From Prof. Dr. Till Kirsten - MPIK, Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics - Heidelberg - Germany
    8th october, 2012

    Thank you very much for your mail. I share the highest estreme for Milla and would thus surely like to attend this event of memory and recognition.
    Yet with greatest regret I cannot do so since I will return from a 6 weeks trip to Japan only end of November. I will join feelings at the time with those who will be there.
    With personal regards,
    Till Kirsten
  • From Prof. Cecilia Jarlskog - Dept. of Mathematical Physics - Lund Institute of Technology / Lund University, Sweden
    10th october, 2012

    Dear Colleagues,
    Thank you for inviting me to the Milla memorial meeting. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as on the same day there is a birthday symposium in honor of the former DG of CERN, Christopher LLewellyn Smith.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my enormous appreciation of Milla as a human being and physicist. With her death, I feel that I have lost a wonderful friend and I am sure that I share this feeling with many others as well.
    Best regards,
    Cecilia Jarlskog
  • From Prof. Gary Steigman - Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) - Mathematical and Physical Sciences - The Ohio State University
    11th october, 2012

    Dear Francesca Soramel and Mauro Mezzetto,
    Thank you for informing me of the Tribute to Milla and for the invitation to participate. Would that I could. I knew Milla for many years through her organization of the Neutrino Telescope meetings in Venice and once I had the pleasure of being hosted by her in Padova. I like Milla very much and respected her even more. I was shocked by her death since she seemed ageless and invincible. I'm very sorry that I am unable to come to the tribute (I would have loved to see again my good friends, Ettore Fiorini and Antonio Masiero).
    Best regards,
    Gary Steigman
  • From Prof. Jacob Schneps - Professor Emeritus - Physics & Astronomy - A&S - Tufts University Information Technology - Somerville, Massachusetts
    14th october, 2012

    Dear Mauro and Francesca,
    Thank you so much for the invitation to the Memorial Tribute to Milla.
    The year 1958-59 that I spent in Padova with her was a most memorable year in my life, and we remained friends and colleagues ever since.
    Unfortunately it is impossible for me to come in November. I do plan to come to Venice for Neutrino Telescopes in March, and to also stop in Padova, and look forward to seeing you then.
    Best regards,
  • From Proff. Victor Matveev and Vladimir Gavrin - Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    14th october, 2012

    Dear Colleagues,
    The community of the Institute for Nuclear Research RAS will forever remember Professor Milla Baldo Ceolin and her outstanding contribution to physics.
    Please accept the attached our tribute to the memory of Milla.
    With a warm feeling to you,
    Victor Matveev, Vladimir Gavrin
    To our Milla
  • From Prof. Italo Mannelli - INFN Sezione di Pisa
    5th november, 2012

    Cari Colleghi,
    sono veramente spiacente di non poter partecipare alla Giornata commemorativa per Milla il prossimo 20 Novembre.
    I miei rapporti con Milla sono sempre stati molto amichevoli ed improntati alla reciproca stima e così pure quelli di Mary. Dalla fine degli anni cinquanta fino a questo anno, seppure non sotto forma di collaborazione ad uno stesso esperimento, abbiamo avuto frequenti e sempre piacevoli occasioni di discussioni scientifiche riguardo alla fisica dei rispettivi esperimenti e più in generale su tanti aspetti connessi alla attività scientifica.
    La bella foto sulla copertina dell'invito è una vivida testimonianza della sua brillante intelligenza e vivacità così come il contenuto degli interventi previsti una illustrazione dei suoi contributi più significativi.
    Desidero ringraziare sentitamente gli organizzatori della giornata commemorativa per la loro iniziativa e tutti gli speakers ed i partecipanti per il loro contributo al tributo per Milla a cui mi unisco in spirito.
    Italo Mannelli
  • From Prof. Luigi Arialdo Radicati di Brozolo - Professore Emerito - Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
    6th november, 2012

    Cara Signora,
    la ringrazio di avermi invitato alla commemorazione di Milla. È vero, eravamo buoni amici da molti anni, cioè circa dall'inizio dell'attività di Milla. Sarei venuto di certo se avessi qualche anno in meno. Peccato.
    Mille auguri per il successo di questa vostra bella iniziativa e cordialissimi saluti
    Luigi Radicati di Brozolo
  • From Prof. Josè Bernabeu Alberola - University of Valencia - Spain
    12th october, 2012

    Dear Prof. Francesca Soramel, Dear Prof. Mauro Mezzetto,
    Thank you very much for your letter with the kind invitation to the Padova meeting in honour to the memory of Milla and her legacy to Physics.
    Milla's contributions to Physics have been of high and fundamental impact: in weak interactions, in neutron oscillation search, in neutrino physics. Her initiative, motivation and optimism were unique and contagious to all of us. The University of Padova has all arguments for being proud of Milla and for the dedication of the new Meeting Room to her memory. And, above all, she was a fantastic friend, excellent as a person and as a physicist. The value of the friendship acquires in Milla's attitude a magnificent importance. Her memory will remain with us.
    Pepe Bernabeu
  • From Prof. José Wagner Furtado Valle - Instituto de Física Corpuscular Univ. de Valencia-CSIC - Spain
    14th november, 2012

    Dear friends and colleagues,
    I am very sorry I will not be able to attend this well-deserved recognition to what Milla Baldo Ceolin represented and her legacy to Physics. I have had the privilege to be invited several times to her Telescope meetings and to attend quite a number of them. I was impressed by Millas' enthusiasm which never faded, so that she always gave a youthfulness impression that contrasted with her real "body-age"
    My best remembrances!!
    Best regards, Jose
  • From Prof. Sylvaine Turck-Chièze -CEA Research Director - Laboratory Simulation of Astrophysical Plasmas - SAp/IRFU/CEA - CE Saclay - France
    14th october, 2012

    Dear colleagues,
    I am very happy that you have decided this tribute because Milla has impulsed a very nice spirit in our shared discipline and as far as I know (I does not know her own work precisely) her action has encouraged a lot of interactions between people of connected disciplines, this work is of tremendous importance to progress altogether in physics.
    We have all lost a very stimulating and encouraging colleague.
    Unfortunately I shall not be with you on this day but shall share at distance your tribute and I take this opportunity to thank also all the persons around her who have participated to the organization of workshops that stay in my mind as one of the most inspiring ones
    Best regards
  • From Prof. Francesco Iachello -Department of Chemistry - Yale University
    14th october, 2012

    I am very sorry I will not be able to participate to the "Tribute to Milla and her legacy to Physics".
    Milla was an inspiration to all of us not only for her scientific achievements but also for her human aspects, her warm personality and her vast knowledge. My last conversation with her, at the Italian Physical Society meeting in Bologna in 2010, was on the "Venetians Vespers" (Vespri per la Beata Vergine) of Claudio Monteverdi which she knew and appreciated very much.
    Best regards,
    Francesco Iachello
  • From Prof. Raffaele Raoul Gatto - Professor Emeritus - Universitè de Genève
    19th october, 2012

    Cari Francesca e Mauro,
    Vi ringrazio dell'invito a partecipare alla commemorazione di Milla Baldo Ceolin.
    Ho avuto con Milla dei lunghi costanti contatti scientifici e la ricordo con profonda commozione. Purtroppo non potrò con mio grande rammarico essere presente.
    Il ricordo di Milla, dei suoi numerosi e cruciali contributi alla fisica, della sua personalità e della sua dedizione alla scienza sono sempre presenti nella mia memoria. L'opera scientifica di Milla costituisce una gloria incontestabile della fisica padovana.
    Con migliori saluti,
    Raoul Gatto

They also express their regrets for not attend the meeting in memory of Professor Milla Baldo Ceolin:

  • Prof. Adriano di Giacomo - Professor Emeritus - Dipartimento di Fisica - Università di Pisa;
  • Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello - Università di Salerno and INFN;
  • Prof. Enrico Iacopini - INFN Firenze;
  • Prof. Carlo Bernardini - Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza";
  • Prof. Enrico Predazzi - Presidente Agorà Scienza di Torino;
  • Dr.ssa Luisa Bonolis - Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" and INFN - Roma
  • Prof. Riccardo Barbieri - Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa;
  • Prof. Piero Galeotti - Università degli Studi di Torino;
  • Prof. Gian Francesco Giudice - CERN - Genève;
  • Prof. Carlo Schaerf - Università di Roma "Tor Vergata";
  • Prof. Takaaki Kajita - ICCR - Tokyo - Japan;
  • Prof. Hisakazu Minakata - Tokio - Japan;
  • Prof. Giovanni Zacher - Università degli Studi di Padova;
  • Prof. Peter Minkowski - ITB - Universitè de Berne;
  • Prof. Tullio Pozzan - Università degli Studi di Padova;
  • Prof. Koichiro Nishikawa - KEK, Japan;
  • Prof. Dieter Haidt - DESY;
  • Prof. Iaia Masullo - Università degli Studi di Napoli and INFN - Napoli;
  • Prof. Vittorio Palladino - INFN Napoli;
  • Prof. Cesare Barbieroi - Università degli Studi di Padova;
  • Prof. Peter K. F. Grieder - SPACE - University of Bern
  • Prof. Federico Ferrini - EGO's Director - EGO - European Gravitational Observatory;
  • Prof. Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose - Contact of the Rector for European mobility programmes - Università degli Studi di Padova