Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia
           "G. Galilei"

Istituto Nazionale
di Fisica Nucleare
Sezione di Padova

Tribute to Milla and her legacy to Physics

Padova, Italy
20th November, 2012



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Department of Physics and Astronomy G. Galilei


A.Rostagni room

The Conference for "Tribute to Milla and her legacy to Physics" will be held, one the most charming cities in Italy. The city center boasts a combined of fine medieval, renaissance and modern architecture.

Old traditions are combined with new ones, to create a unique atmosphere. The medieval palaces, churches and cobbled streets emanate a sense of history and culture. The shops and markets offer something for everyone, whilst the locals of Padova share an enthusiasm and energetic spirit for their daily life! It is all encompassing. You must also participate in the local aperitivo know simply as Spritz! It is best enjoied in one of the many piazze, watching the world go by.

It is no just the city centre that provides a great experience to those who visit. Just outside of Padova are the Colli Euganei.
Scattered throughout these hills are rich flora and fauna, as well as countless villas and castels. In this area you can find medieval walled towns, monasteries, abbey and centuries' old farm houses.
Surronding these areas are a network of rivers, streams and canals that lead to the Venetian lagoon. A portion of wich, belongs to the Province of Padova. It is a beautiful area to visit.

All of this can be easily reached by car and train. The nearest, most convenient airport is Venice "Marco Paolo", 40 kilometers East of Padova. There are a number of other, smaller airports near Padova. They are located in Verona and Treviso.

About more information how to reach Padua, please see " How to get to Padova" link.

The Conference will be held in the in "A. Rostagni" room of Department of Physics and Astronomy "G. Galilei" in Via Marzolo, 8 - Padova (see the map in "Accomodation")


Official letters of invitation to the conference can be provided to participants upon request. The letters will be sent only for visa and permission purposes under no obligation for the Organizing Committee. Requests should be sent to the Organizing Secretariat (tribute-milla@fisica.unipd.it).